Best Running Shoe For Flat feet

Choosing the Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet?

So you’ve got Flat Feet…does it make you any less of a runner? We don’t think so. That is, as long as you’re using running shoes that are best suited for your foot type. To help you out, we’ve compiled  list of what we think are the best running shoes for flat feet!

Choosing the Right Shoe:best running shoes for flat feet

Runners with Flat feet are at the biggest risk for injury if they don’t use the proper foot wear. Depending on the severity of your flat foot you want a shoe that is designed for stability and arch support. Within a running shoe the mid-sole should help raise the arch aiding in the cushion and giving compression during the foot strike. These are often referred to as stability shoes. Most manufacturers have a line of shoes specifically designed for runners with flat feet. Here are 5 things to look for in a running  sneaker.

  1. Make sure the shoe is not overly cushioned
  2. Is it designed for stability or motion control?
  3. You want the shoe to not twist side to side
  4. When bending the shoe make sure it does not flex behind the ball of the foot/mid-sole
  5. Your heel should not moved around or slide up and down when running.

If you make the right choice in shoes, it will not only help prevent injury, but it will make your long runs much more comfortable.  If you’re still wondering what foot/running style you are, check out our at home guide to help. After testing and trying the different styles we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best running shoes for flat feet.

10 Best Runnning Shoes for Flat Feet

Saucony Men's Guide 7 Running Shoe


New Balance - Mens 860v3 Stability Running Shoes

ASICS Men's GT 1000 2 Running Shoe

Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 14 Running Shoes

Mizuno Men's Wave Prophecy 2 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Zoom Structure+ 17

Brooks Men's Addiction 11 Motion Control Running Shoes

PUMA Faas 600 S Running Shoe

Brooks Men's Trance 12 Running Shoes

Nike Men's Lunarglide+ 4 Running Shoes

Flat Feet and Pronation

Runners with flat feet can sometimes have a tendency to overpronate. Overprontion simple means that when your foot strikes it has a tendency to roll inward at the ankle.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but it does cause stress not only to the foot, but also to the ankle, knee and possible all the way up to the hip.

When your over pronate you tend to heel strike first causing the ankle to roll  to the inside of the foot allowing most of the propulsion to be done by the big toe. If you look at an old pair of shoes and see most of the wear being on the outside heal and big toe then chances are you over pronate when running.

To accommodate for the pronation its important to buy a shoe that is designed for stability. Ideally you want a shoe that is reinforced around the heel and mid sole. Avoid shoes that are very loose and can be bent easily in all directions.  If you have flat feet and overpronate a shoe that stabilizes your foot and ankle is not only recommended but a necessity.

 The Bio-Mechanics of Flat Feet

A properly working foot is sometimes taken for granted when it comes to running. When the structural support of the foot loosens or changes, an altered shape can occur, hence the flat foot. This is usually caused by weakening over time in the muscular, ligament, or bony arch support structures. The main factors causing flat foot are excessive tension in the triceps surae, obesity, PTT dysfunction, or ligamentous laxity in the spring ligament, plantar fascia, or other supporting plantar ligaments. Too little support for the arch or too much arch flattening effect will lead to collapse of the arch.  Having a poorly aligned foot when running can be alleviated with the right running shoe. Shoes with proper arch support will help adjust the foot when running, thus maintaining a spring like cushion from the force on impact. Proper technique is very important and can also help with any pain or discomfort you’re experiencing. Running is supposed to be enjoyable, don’t let flat feet stop you from accomplishing your goals, choosing the proper shoe is easy once you know what to look for!

Tips for Strengthening your Feet

  1. Sit or stand with your feet flat on the floor. Press your toes down into the floor while keeping them straight and your ankles still.
  2. Hold this position for four seconds and repeat 10 times.
  3. Do this exercise three or four times a day.
  4. Hold this exercise for longer than three to four seconds as you are able.
  • Strengthening the Forefoot

  1. Place the back half of a foot on a suitable book, and the forefoot on a set of weighing scales, ensuring the foot is horizontal as far as possible
  2. Press down with the forefoot onto the scale and measure the amount of force created.
  3. repeat 10 times on each foot and repeat daily
  4. Monitor the amount of force and pressure you’re creating to ensure the foot is improving in strength
  • Pencil Lift

  1. Pick up a pencil with your foot
  2. Hold for 6 seconds and repeat 10 time per foot
  3. Do this exercise 2-3 times per day
  4. an alternate would be to scrunch up a towel with your toes repeatedly.


This article should get you on your way to finding the best running shoes for flat feet. If you have any suggestions or would just like to stay up to date on the reviews, please subscribe to our website or leave a comment below

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